The Complete ‘China 2012: A Year in Review’ Series

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Dec. 31 – Over the last week, China Briefing has published several specially-commissioned pieces written by well-known China writers to summarize the key events of 2012 and points to look forward to in 2013. The complete series is summarized and hyper-linked below for your convenience.

2012: A Year in Review by Malcolm Moore
Malcolm is the senior Beijing correspondent for the Daily Telegraph. In this piece, he discusses the implications of the Bo Xilai scandal, the once-a-decade leadership transition, and several government ministerial mergers he feels could take place in 2013.

2012: A Year in Review by Robert A. Kapp
Robert is based in the U.S. state of Washington, working as a consultant on U.S.-China trade policy, and has also served as president of the U.S.-China Business Council. His article examines the problems and cooperative aspects of the trade and politics between the United States and China, especially in view of the recent leadership changes.

2012: A Year in Review by Helen Gao
Helen is based in Beijing and is a freelance journalist having previously worked with the New York Times, The Atlantic and Foreign Affairs. Her piece focuses on the future of the internet and social media in China.

2012: A Year in Review by Mishi Saran
Mishi is based in Shanghai, and has written several books combining Chinese and Indian themes, including a biography of the 7th Century Chinese monk Xuanzang. Her article examines the mutual respect and ideologies that still exist and are flourishing between contemporary China and India.

2012: A Year in Review by Chris Devonshire-Ellis
Chris is now based in Singapore, and is the founder of both Dezan Shira & Associates and China Briefing. His article examines the historic development of China’s trade over the past 20 years and looks forward to China becoming increasingly assimilated into Asia.

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