China Approves Tax Exemptions for the Importing of Seeds and Wildlife

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May 4 – The General Administration of Customs and the State Administration of Taxation recently approved tax exemptions for importing seeds and species of wild fauna and flora.

Financial tariff [2010] No. 9, issued March 11, stipulated that the following imported items will be exempted from import VAT: seeds (seedlings), live stock, and species (seedlings) of wild fauna and flora.

Research institutes, zoos and professional animal and plant protection units and other research centers relating to agriculture and forestry will be able to enjoy the tax exemption. They will need to hand over the import plans (for next year) together with tax exemption reports (this year) to the Ministry of Finance and State Administration of Taxation before December 1.

Those importing flower seeds and plant seeds in Yunnan Province will need to follow need specific local regulations.

After the duty-free imported seeds, live stock and species of wildlife source entered the China market, they will follow relevant domestic tax regulations.