China Briefing Online Passes The One Million Views Barrier

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Dec. 13 – China Briefing’s online news edition has passed the 1 million page views mark for the first time this year, comfortably attaining that number in early November. The China online news – which encompasses many first edition translations of China’s regulatory updates – is produced by a full time team of three China qualified lawyer and tax specialists, a managing editor, a designer and two further research staff. The facility is based in Shanghai. Additional commentary and opinion is often provided by long term China expert Chris Devonshire-Ellis, in addition to Dezan Shira & Associates senior China personnel Sabrina Zhang (tax) and Richard Cant (law). The one million page views figure is verified by Google Analytics.

Many of the most viewed articles this year are still current and in some cases continue to attract hundreds of comments or questions concerning legal or tax clarifications. The top 20 are:

  1. Import-Export Taxes and Duties in China
  2. China Releases Final Draft of New Visa and Residence Permit Regulations for Foreigners
  3. A Complete Guide to China’s Minimum Wage Levels by Province, City, and District
  4. China GAAP vs. U.S. GAAP and IFRS
  5. China’s Provincial GDP Figures in 2012
  6. China Expat Tax Filing and Declarations for 2012 Income
  7. China Initiates New Round of Minimum Wage Increases
  8. Shanghai’s New Free Trade Zone- General Plan and Regulations
  9. Foreign Visitors Can Enjoy 72 Hour Visa-Free Stay in Beijing and Shanghai
  10. China to Expand VAT Reform Nationwide Starting August 1, 2013
  11. China’s Coffee Industry is Brewing
  12. Export Tax Rebates in China
  13. China’s Import and Export Licensing Framework
  14. China Releases Tax Policies for Nationwide VAT Pilot Reform Adoption
  15. Introduction to China’s Plenary Sessions and the CPC Central Committee
  16. China Releases 12th Five-Year Plan for Energy Development
  17. Understanding China’s ‘Fapiao’ Invoice System
  18. China – The Great Infrastructure Developer
  19. China’s Current Business Environment: It’s Not Tough, Just Comply
  20. Calculating and Filing Withholding Tax in China

In addition to the online content, China Briefing also produces a monthly series of magazines. The top five most popular issues this year have been:

Social Insurance in ChinaIn this issue of China Briefing Magazine, we introduce China’s current social insurance system and provide an update on the status of foreigners’ participation in the system. We also include a comprehensive chart of updated average wages across China, which is used to calculate social insurance contribution floors and ceilings.

E-Commerce in ChinaIn this issue of China Briefing Magazine, we cover the current laws pertinent to the e-commerce industry in China, as well as introduce the steps involved in setting up an online shop in the country in order to help provide foreign investors with an overview of the e-commerce landscape in China.

Selling to China: In this issue of China Briefing Magazine, we demystify some complexities of conducting business in China by introducing the main certification requirements for importing goods into the country; the basics of setting up a representative office; as well as the structure and culture of State-owned enterprise in China. Finally, we also summarize some of the export incentives available in several key Western countries.

Trading with ChinaThis issue of China Briefing Magazine focuses on the minutiae of trading with China – regardless of whether your business has a presence in the country or not. Of special interest to the global small and medium-sized enterprises, this issue explains in detail the myriad regulations concerning trading with the most populous nation on Earth – plus the inevitable tax, customs and administrative matters that go with this.

Sourcing from ChinaIn this issue of China Briefing Magazine, we outline the various sourcing models available for foreign investors and discuss how to decide which structure best suits the sourcing needs of your business. Perhaps the most important factors to consider when choosing a sourcing structure are your staffing requirements, your need for operational flexibility, and which option offers the greatest cost efficiencies. We compare how each of these factors match up with the available sourcing platforms in order to help foreign businesses find the best option for their specific sourcing needs.

China Briefing is published by Asia Briefing Ltd, and has been produced since 1999. It is the oldest running source of law and tax intelligence in China and is produced in several languages. It is 100 percent owned by Dezan Shira & Associates, who announced their own results for 2013 last week. Details of those and the firm’s own plans for 2014 can be read here. Chris Devonshire-Ellis, the Publisher, comments: “It seems hard to imagine nowadays, but the first issue of China Briefing magazine was produced before blogs existed. Now a huge amount of information is available online. We have long recognized that content is key, and that professionalism is the way forward. Blogs operated by specific names become opinionated and if not written and checked in China, often inaccurate. Only one of our team at China Briefing – the Managing Editor – is not Chinese and that is because we need the English language editorial function. China Briefing stands head and shoulders above its online competition because of our dedication to accurate content and our ability to answer readers questions promptly and correctly. It takes a team to do that, as well as significant investment, and I wish to congratulate the staff concerned and our readers for breaking the 1 million page views target this year. It is quite an achievement for an esoteric and technical subject.”

The Asia Briefing publishing house also produces Asia Briefing, ASEAN Briefing, India Briefing and Vietnam Briefing, as well as bespoke business guides for many chambers of commerce and governments, such as the US Commercial Service China Business Handbook, amongst others. Material is also syndicated to many outlets, including Bloomberg. To discuss editorial matters or collaborations with Asia Briefing, please email

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