China Briefing Releases New Joint Venture Guide

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Jun. 9 – China Briefing has just released the third edition of its technical guide “Setting Up Joint Ventures in China” – offering business-minded individuals an up-to-date reference source for all of the key issues concerning the successful establishment of a joint venture in China.

Starting with choosing a joint venture structure, assessing a potential partner, and conducting legal and financial due diligence, this guide walks you through, step-by-step, the key points of setting up a joint venture in China.

This guide includes a complete joint venture contract and articles of association as well as an overview of JV laws, negotiation issues, land use rights, IP protection and technology transfer, in addition to tips on staff hiring and human resources. It also describes the tax and audit responsibilities in addition to buying out a JV partner and liquidations. All in all – a detailed and pragmatic guide of use to anyone considering setting up a China JV.

This book covers the following topics:

  • Assessing the need for a Chinese partner
  • JVs vs. WFOEs
  • China’s JV implementation laws
  • Equity and cooperative JVs
  • Legal and financial due diligence
  • Memorandums of understanding
  • Encouraged industry applications
  • JV contracts and the articles of association
  • Land use rights
  • Protecting your IP
  • Technology transfer agreements
  • Human resources and acquiring staff
  • Taxes and audit requirements
  • Converting a JV to a WFOE
  • Liquidating a JV

Setting Up Joint Ventures in China (Third Edition)” is available on the Asia Briefing Bookstore priced at US$40.

This book is part of a technical series of books on doing business in China, covering such topics as setting up joint ventures and representative offices, tax, IP and many other vital issues for foreign investors in this exciting market.

This guide was also written in collaboration with Dezan Shira & Associates, a boutique professional services firm providing foreign direct investment business advisory, tax, accounting, payroll and due diligence services for multinational clients in China. For more information on establishing representative offices in China, please contact, visit, or download the firm’s brochure here.

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