China in Asia: Apr. 14

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Apr. 14 – Here is how China has been reported across the region over the past week.

China / India Border Disputes: Arunachal Pradesh
With news that China has vetoed plans for an Asian Development Bank loan to India for development of the Arunachal Pradesh region, we take a look at why the region is disputed, where it is, and the commodities and economic benefits possession of the area brings. (

China Vetoes India’s Asian Development Bank Loan
China has withheld approval for a multilateral development loan by the Asian Development Bank to India, the first time such a move has been taken. The situation is now worrying global leaders, concerned that an increase in China’s lobbying capabilities on an international basis will see a parallel increase in its veto powers being used for self interest, rather than global and regional purposes. (

China Plans US$10 billion ASEAN Investment Fund
China’s Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi recently discussed his country’s plans regarding Southeast Asia after the ASEAN summit in Pattaya, Thailand was cancelled due to anti-government protests. Following the failed summit, Yang unveiled Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s plan for a US$10 billion investment in infrastructure as well as a US$15 billion line of credit to ASEAN members. (Communist Tax Lawyer)

Russian Oil Pipeline Nears Chinese Border
The East Siberia – Pacific Ocean (ESPO) oil pipeline funded by Russia’s state-owned Transneft will reach the Chinese border within the next few weeks, according to a government report read by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. This February, Russian and Chinese governments agreed to the construction of the ESPO oil pipeline as well as a long term deal which will supply China with much needed oil to support its burgeoning economy. (Communist Tax Lawyer)

India FDI Inflow Reaches U$25 billion
Foreign direct investment (FDI) to India for the fiscal year starting April 2008 to February 2009 amounted to US$25.38 billion; a higher figure compared against the previous year’s US$24.57 billion.
(India Briefing)

Vietnam Announces Plan to Boost Foreign Investment
The Vietnamese government has announced six measures to aid the country in attracting and managing foreign investment. According to Xinhua, the first step is to review and revise current policies for business activities with the aim of providing preferential incentives for several industries and to boost disbursement. (Vietnam Briefing)

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