China in Asia: Feb. 16

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Feb. 16 – Here is how China has been reported across the region over the past week.

Can China and India Compete with U.S. Multinationals?
““East and South Asia are poised to become the long-term power centers of the world,” the director of national intelligence, Admiral Dennis Blair told the U.S. Congress on Thursday. “China and India are restoring the positions they held in the Eighteenth Century when China produced approximately 30 percent and India 15 percent of the world’s wealth.” (

China to Open 250,000 Rural Retail Shops
China is taking decisive steps to contain social unrest stemming from the slowing economy as many jobless migrants go home to the countryside. Beginning this year until 2010, 250,000 rural retail stores will be set-up to create 775,000 jobs for migrant workers. (Communist Tax Lawyer)

Asia’s Burgeoning Bourgeoise and the Financial Crisis
As economies slip and slide into recession the world over and central banks cut interest rates to prop up crippled economies lets take an in depth view of emerging Asia’s middle class. The majority of Asian populations that silently revolutionize countries through their ideologies and purchasing power, are being eagerly viewed by economists the world over to see how they react to the crisis. (

China to Loan Qing Dynasty Artwork to Taiwan
In a demonstration of goodwill, collaboration between the Palace Museum in Beijing and the National Palace Museum in Taipei looks to send several Qing Dynasty artworks to Taiwan for a three-month exhibit. The artwork from Beijing will consist mainly of portraits and seals of Emperor Yongzheng and, while not considered some of the finest Chinese art, is said to be of immense historical importance. (Communist Tax Lawyer)

Foreign Law Firms Can Now Register in India
Under the newly released Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008, foreign law firms are allowed to register and offer consultation services in India but not practice law. The new enactment was enforced as multinational companies needed international law firms to represent them across borders in complex international deals. (India Briefing)

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