China in Asia: Feb. 24

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Feb. 24 – Here is how China has been reported across the region over the past week.

The Economic Crunch Lunch
While job losses, plunging currencies and cuts in interest rates are a more apparent form of the economic crisis, changing food habits are a less obvious alteration. As consumers give up fine dining for a cheeseburger, fast food restaurants around the Asia have found sales jump manifold. (

India Has DTAA with China and 64 Other Countries
India has one of the largest networks of tax treaties for avoidance of double taxation and prevention of tax avoidance. The country has Double Tax Avoidance Agreements with 65 countries under Section 90 of the Income Tax Act. (India Briefing)

China Mobile Interested in Indian Market
The world’s largest mobile operator with 457 million subscribers China Mobile is actively interested in operating in India, the world’s fastest growing mobile market. “We are looking at India for our expansion,” Wang Jianzhou, chairman and CEO of China Mobile. (

Recent Deal between China and Russia Looks to Profit Petrochina-Sinopec
China’s biggest oil producers, PetroChina Co. and China Petroleum & Chemical Co. (Sinopec), look to be the big gainers as energy exporting countries look to dump assets. Russia, in particular, has been eager to offload their oil and gas reserves in exchange for immediate monetary relief as their economy suffers from the credit crunch. (Communist Tax Lawyer)

Asian Currencies Sink to Three Month Lows against the Dollar
In a sinking display of Asia’s deteriorating economy, Asian currencies fell this week to a three month low according to the Bloomberg-JPMorgan- Asia Dollar Index. The index which tracks 10 Asian currencies against the U.S. dollar said a slowdown in exports and the economy led the depreciation in Asian currencies. (

Sino – Vietnam Ties Continue to Sizzle
This week marks the first of China’s four anniversaries – thirty years since China’s brief but bloody invasion of Vietnam which resulted in a victory for both sides. As history goes, China attacked Vietnam to prove two points…(

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