China in Asia: Mar. 3

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Mar. 3 – Here is how China has been reported across the region over the past week.

Getting China and India Right
“Getting China and India Right” is a new book published by Anil K.Gupta and Haiyan Wang. Sub-titled “strategies for leveraging the world’s fastest growing economies for global advantage,” it markets itself as an authoritative voice on matters of China and India – a huge task. So have they succeeded? (

India Targets US$200 billion in Exports For 2009-10
India’s commerce and Industry minister Kamal Nath has set an export target of US$200 billion during the fiscal year 2009-10. (India Briefing)

India and China Strengthen Ties with Nepal
After fighting land and sea battles, India and China are now competing to woo over the Himalayan state of Nepal. Nestled amongst the lofty mountains between the two economic superpowers, Nepal’s location is strategic for peace and prosperity of the region. (

Chinese Satellite Lands on Moon
China’s first lunar probe, Chang’e-1, impacted with the moon yesterday – effectively concluding the satellite’s 16 month mission. This occasion marks a significant step forward in China’s mission to join countries like the U.S. and Russia as a leader in space technology. (Communist Tax Lawyer)

A Look at Vietnam in Numbers
Over the last 40 years, Vietnam has managed to transform itself from a nation in a seemingly constant state of war to an economic force on the rise. Here is a look at Vietnam in numbers: (Vietnam Briefing)

Asia’s Previous Economic Crises
While the three financial crisis in recent economic history (1997-98, 2001 and 2008-09) cannot really be compared, similarities do echo between the three in terms of there being a mass exodus of money from Asian nations, government aided stimulus packages to resuscitate the economy and social, trade and political upheaval. (

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