China in Asia Regional Round Up: Dec. 3

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Dec. 3 – Here is how China has been reported across the region over the past week.

Oil and Gas Companies Go Shopping

The value of global oil and gas companies has decreased in the last year due to the ongoing economic downturn making it an opportune time for Indian companies to buy global assets as well as global wealth funds particularly from China, the Middle East and Singapore to buy oil and gas assets in India. (India Briefing)

Vietnamese FDI reaches US$60 billion for 2008

Vietnam’s foreign direct investment (FDI) projects for the year has amounted to more than US$60 billion. In November alone, close to US$1 billion worth of investments were streamed through FDI projects. (Vietnam Briefing)

Asia’s Major Terrorist Groups

Its increasingly evident that extremist groups or terrorists operate well coordinated global organizations that not only financially aid each other but also offer excellent intelligence and training facilities…(2point6billion)

Border Marking With China To Finish Ahead Of Schedule

Over the past seven years, the taskforces from both countries had finished demarcation along 1,400km of the common border, with almost all locations for border markers fixed and some 1,800 markers planted (Communist Tax Lawyer)

Developing Asia’s Water Transport

Why doesn’t an international city like Mumbai, with massive traffic woes use its waterways better? Other Asian nations and cities such as Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan and Taiwan all use their waterways to some extent – either to ease traffic congestion, for tourism or for floating markets. (2point6billion)

The ADB Doles Out Millions For Regional Development

Supporting the IMF statement, the Asian Development Bank recently announced loans of US$70 million to India, US$1 million to the Philippines, US$300 million to China, US$10 million to Mongolia and US$700 million to Kazakhstan. (2point6billion)

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