China in Asia Regional Round Up: Nov. 24

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Nov. 24 – Here is how China has been reported across the region over the past week.

Shanghai to Invest in Punjab Free Trade Zone?
In government and B2B meetings held in Shanghai this past week between Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, the chief minister of Punjab, Pakistan’s most populated province, efforts were made for a Pakistan-China free trade and development zone. Punjab would provide the land for free, while the Shanghai government would be invited to participate in management in addition to encouraging local businesses to invest. (2point6billion)

Vietnam Opens Floating Port to Facilitate Oil Exports to China
Vietnam has opened a floating port on its continental shelf, off the central province of Binh Thuan, to export crude oil from Lot 15-1 of the Su Tu Vang oilfield. (Vietnam Briefing)

India ‘Will Not Fall Into Recession’
Will India follow the United States, Japan and 15-nation Eurozone into a Recession? Government officials, economic and industry captains doubt it. (India Briefing)

Chinese Navy Visits Vietnam for the First Time
For the first time in their at-times turbulent history, a ship from the Chinese Navy visited Vietnam. The Chinese naval training ship Zheng He arrived at the Vietnamese central Tien Sa port in Danang. (Communist Tax Lawyer)

Can China Steal India’s Domestic Steel Market Share?
If China lifts the proposed steel export tax of 5 percent from December 1, the move could severely affect the steel industry in emerging Asia, especially India, warn industry insiders. (2point6billion)

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