China Law Deskbook Legal Update – March/April 2013

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May 2 – Jim Zimmerman, the China managing partner of U.S. law firm Sheppard Mullin, is a good friend of China Briefing and is also both the Chairman Emeritus of Amcham China and the author of the China Law Deskbook – considered by many to be the bible of China law. Jim has recently introduced a regular update service to the China Law Deskbook and has kindly given permission for China Briefing to host it here.

Entitled “News and Views from Beijing,” the new March/April 2013 issue is available as a complimentary PDF download by clicking here, and contains details of new laws, regulations, and policy trends.

Included in this month’s issue are Jim’s comments on the following new laws, regulations and policy trends:

  • MEP issues list of targeted chemicals and industry sectors for closer supervision
  • NPC Standing Committee adopted a new Tourism Law designed to better control the industry
  • SPC adopts criminal sanction standards for crimes involving extortion and blackmail
  • SFDA issues amended Good Supply Practices enhancing standards for drug suppliers, distributors, and retailers
  • Several cities and provinces restrict access to land property records on grounds of privacy but watchdogs believe these rules will restrict scrutiny of corrupt government officials with large land holdings
  • SPC issues judicial interpretation clarifying criminal penalties for employers that fail to pay migrant worker wages

Readers wishing to purchase the China Law Deskbook may visit the site here.

We are grateful to Jim for permitting us to reproduce the original content for the benefit of our readers.