China Regulatory Brief: 2017 Legislation Plan Released, More Certificates to be Consolidated

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2017 legislation plan released

At the beginning of this month, China’s Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress released its 2017 legislation plan, which announces proposals for legislative amendments and new laws for the year.

Under the plan, new laws such as the Tobacco Tax Law, Shipping Tonnage Tax Law, Individual Income Tax, Real Estate Tax Law, the Tariff Law, and the Farmland Occupancy Tax Law are scheduled for deliberation later this year.

Notably, the Administrative Supervision Law will be changed to the National Supervision Law. Other amendments include those of the Judge Law, Procurators Law, Rural Land Contracting Law, Patent Law, Copyright Law, Maritime Traffic Safety Law, Vocational Education Law, Land Management Law, Tax Collection Administration Law, Forest Law, Metrology Law, and Mine Safety Law.

The formulation of laws like the Land Border Law, Ocean Basic Law, Futures Law, Atomic Energy Law, and Criminal Victim Relief Law are also scheduled.

Qualified private hospitals enjoy removed restrictions and subsidies

China’s State Council has discussed several issues related to the medical industry in order to meet the country’s growing healthcare demands.

Subsidies will be increased for emergency assistance during natural disasters, and larger commercial banks will establish inclusive finance departments to support small companies, agriculture, poverty relief, and entrepreneurship.

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The government also seeks to foster a competitive private medical environment to create a more diversified and multi-layered health care system. Private healthcare businesses with high quality services will be set up across different provinces and cities.

Foreign investors will be encouraged to form partnerships to establish high-level medical institutions in China via means of joint ventures and other forms of cooperation.

Private medical institutions and clinics that have already obtained licenses to practice will have no restrictions imposed against them. Furthermore, medical professionals will be allowed to practice at more than one hospital in a region where they are registered.

More ‘multiple certificates into one’ schemes promoted

The State Council has decided to push ahead with more ‘multiple certificates into one’ schemes, after the 5-in-1 business license was fully implemented last year. The decision looks to further cut prior approvals in business registration and reduce institutional trading costs to stimulate the business market.

The State Council aims to further integrate matters relating to market entity registration and filing, as well as consolidate certificates and licenses into the business license.

It will also amend prior approval for five industries such as establishment of wholly foreign owned packaging, decoration, and printing enterprises to post approval. So far, the government has switched to post approval or cancelled 87 percent of the 226 prior approval matters of business registration.

The State Council also oversaw the formulation of deployments for other pressing topics, such as tackling the cause and management of heavy air pollution; deciding to launch the pilot program of insurance coverage of major agricultural disasters in the major food producing provinces in China.


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