China to Add New Laws to its Civil Code

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Oct. 30 – According to a senior government official, the country will be adding two  laws on civil relations that should complete its Civil Code by 2013.

“The Law of Torts and Application of Law in Foreign Civil Relations will complete the Chinese corpus on civil law if both are approved by the National People’s Congress (NPC),” Kan Ke, spokesman for the general office of the Standing Committee of the NPC, told China Daily.

There are plans to review China’s 49 laws by 2013 that cover the NPC, food security, postal services, senior citizens, and other civil, criminal and administrative procedures.

In the coming five years, the government wants to incorporate new laws on mental health, social rescue and relief, and charity.

China currently has 231 laws that address issues on property, obligations, marriages, inheritance, adoptions, copyrights, trademarks and patents.

NPC Standing Committee vice-chairman Li Jianguo told China Daily that the country is working towards a socialist law system with Chinese characteristics by 2010.

“It is far too difficult for the country to introduce just one social security law, it must be made up of laws embracing different social security sectors,” Kan said.