China to Issue One Year Multi-Entry Business Visas “After the October National Holiday”

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Sept. 12 – Sources close to China’s Public Security Bureau have told Dezan Shira & Associates that China will relax its current strict visa issuance policies for business visas following the national holiday in October.

Beginning in the second week of October, China will start issuing one year multi-entry F visas, making it far more convenient for those traveling to China on business to enter the country. The new measures will assist with the various trade shows, such as the Canton Trade Fair, that China traditionally holds during the Autumn.

This new policy will redress the restrictions on visa issuance that were put in place prior to the Olympics, and will come as welcome news to China-bound business people visiting the country.

8 thoughts on “China to Issue One Year Multi-Entry Business Visas “After the October National Holiday”

    R Whitmore says:

    Any positive impact spilling over into employment visas?

    R. Schmidt says:

    will there be also a Multi-Entry visitors Visa? …as in the past

    Rolf says:

    hope that this news also reaches the Embassies in Europe, a friend just called and complained bitterly about the service, especially in Germany

    Derek says:

    Too late… because of these changes and the way they were introduced, I (and many friends) have decided to leave China for good after almost 5 years in Beijing. From a business perspective it is not worth staying and I will be relocating everything back to North America asap.

    Raoul says:

    What is the latest on this story? I’m hearing rumours that only American passport holders can get 1 yr multi-entries, and everyone else is still stuck with 1 or 2 30-day entries.

    Frank says:

    Yep, I’m based in SZ and that’s pretty much the case. Americans are able to get 6 month multi entry visas (they have to exit every 30 days) whereas everybody else is stuck on 2 months

    brian says:

    I,ve a uk passport……just returned from Hong Kong, where I was told they are STILL only issuing 3 month 2xentryx30 days tourist (L)visas.(Basically it only lasts for two months, and I have to go to Hong Kong after 30 days.Expensive, and waste of time.

    I asked if I bring a Letter of Invitation from a chinese company can I get a business (F) visa. They said no!

    I am renting an appartment in Dongguan.but management company havent contacted me about registering at local police station. Is it up to me to notify them?(the police)

    Whats going on? Why they dont keep their word…..about easing visa restrictions?

    Any advice?

    Frank says:


    dealing with things in HK sucks but if you do a Google search for China Visa and deal with China-based agents they will be able to help you out.

    It’s pretty expensive but it will still be cheaper than going in and out of Hong Kong every two months.

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