China to Release Details of Stimulus Package

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Mar. 2 – The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has announced that it would publicly release detailed information on how the stimulus plan will be spent as well as accept public enquiry.

The move comes from months of public pressure calling for transparency of the use of the country’s four trillion yuan stimulus package.

Millions of internet users have requested to the NDRC commission to release details of the package because of fears that the money may be misused for  corruption.

Vice Minister Mu told Xinhua: “It is reasonable that people show great concern over the expenditures of the four-trillion-yuan stimulus package, and related information shall be fully open to the public.”

The government has already started to release information on the massive spending to the public after the stimulus package was hammered out in November, he added.

The stimulus plan already came in use in November to help the economy from the financial crisis including a RMB1.18 trillion allocation from the central government.

The government to funnel the funds over two years covering 10 major areas. The public is invited to inquire with NDRC for information regarding the stimulus funds used in a specific region or project. The public could also request information via the following:

Phone-  010-68503333,

Fax – 010-68502222

Email – aspx