China to Try New Measures to Encourage Import and Outbound FDI Next Year

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Dec. 29 – Realizing the risks and pressures brought by the surging trade surplus, China’s Ministry of Commerce (MoC) recently announced that enlarging the import volume and increasing outbound foreign direct investment will become the focus of next year’s development strategy.

The MoC annual conference held between December 22 and December 23 summarized the economic achievements China reached in the past one year, and set up new goals which intend to further benefit domestic economy through the intensified Sino-foreign cooperation and mounting imports of essential products.

Wang Shouwen, head of the Foreign Trade Department of the MoC, told the press that China will take a series of fiscal measures to boost imports next year, including promoting import interest subsidy funds, import loans, import credit insurance, etc. The import of consumer goods, medical facilities and green products will more likely enjoy the favorable policies. Wang also revealed that the first National Import Work Conference next year will disclose the related detailed measures.

Zhang Ji, head of the Mechanic, Electronic and Hi-tech Industry Department of the MoC, stressed enhancing the import of mechanic and electrical products with five measures in the near future:

  1. Convenience in the mechanic and electronic product trade
  2. Improve the cooperation between domestic producers and foreign advanced facility manufacturers
  3. Urge developed countries to ease the restriction on their exports to China
  4. Encourage technology acquisition and indigenous technology innovation
  5. Take more financial measures to support the exports

The MoC also promised more support for Chinese enterprises to develop overseas next year. Chen Deming, minister of the MoC, says China will make more efficient use of its massive foreign reserve and further exploit the channels that allow cross-border RMB circulation. The country will also keep encouraging the Sino-foreign cooperation on essential energy, mineral resources, agriculture and advanced processing. As necessary guidelines for domestic enterprises, a guiding directory with information of major destination countries for domestic investors will be regularly updated and released by the government from next year.