Choosing Your China Structure: Representative Offices

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Jan. 12 – In his recent series for Beijing Review, Richard Hoffmann, the senior legal associate for Dezan Shira & Associates in China, discusses the choices foreign investors face when deciding upon a pertinent structure for their China operations.

In this article from last month, he examines the issues surrounding the establishment of representative offices.

Beijing Review was first published under Chairman Mao and now in its 52nd year. It remains the official voice of the Chinese Communist Party overseas, is produced in six languages and distributed to all Chinese embassies and consulates worldwide. The firm has contributed articles on China’s investment laws to Beijing Review for the past nine years.

We will cover annual audit procedures specifically for representative offices in China tomorrow.

For further information about representative offices in China, including the various regional differences in establishment procedures, please contact Richard directly for specific legal establishment, structuring and tax advice related to the operating of representative offices in China.

Setting Up Representative Offices in ChinaChina Briefing has also produced the technical guide, “Setting Up Representative Offices in China.” Written with assistance by Richard and the business advisory services team at Dezan Shira & Associates, it is now in its third edition and may be purchased from our bookstore in both hard copy and PDF versions.