Chris Devonshire-Ellis on Private Capital in China, China’s New Banking Licenses and the Future of Bitcoin

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Chris Devonshire-Ellis, Founding Partner of Dezan Shira & Associates and Publisher of China Briefing, was recently interviewed by Gateway House, a prestigious Indian foreign policy think tank based in Mumbai. In his interview, Mr. Devonshire-Ellis discuses the development of China’s private capital, the potential range of new banking licenses being offered to the private sector and the future development of Bitcoin.

You can watch the interview below, or here.

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4 thoughts on “Chris Devonshire-Ellis on Private Capital in China, China’s New Banking Licenses and the Future of Bitcoin

    Bob Lockyer says:

    “Its nice, its fun, its funky, its slightly anarchistic “I’ve got a Bitcoin, you’ve got only got regular money…” LOL you hit the nail right on the head there CDE! How very true. That made me laugh!

    @Bob Lockyer: I’m glad you enjoyed it. I try not to have dull interviews, and a lot of nonsense has been uttered about Bitcoin.
    However it was sweltering in that office there which is why I wasn’t wearing a tie. I think I’ll have to in future though for these sorts of things, just to keep my shirt collars up!

    Joseph Fluery says:

    Chris you talked about Alibaba in this interview and of course they have a massive IPO coming up. There’s a great overview of the company here btw:
    I guess getting commissions on financial transactions from obtaining a Chinese private banking licence makes a lot of sense, as you say. Thanks for the insight – who do you think will be next in line? Having a Chinese banking license is going to a key part of any large Chinese retailers portfolio from now on, and for any foreign investors who partner with them. What do you think?

    @Joseph, thanks for your comments and the Alibaba data. Yes, I think that possessing a Chinese banking license is now a “must-have” when it comes to the overall portfolio of services an online retailer in China needs to possess. In terms of other Chinese online retailers, I’d keep an eye out for (formerly 360buy), 1haodian, PaiPai and Vancl. No doubt others will emerge over time as well.
    Best wishes

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