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Our weekly round up of other news affecting foreign investors throughout Asia.


How do ASEAN Economies Stand Against China’s Regions?

As the China investors facing testy times amidst the US-China Trade War, slowing growth, and other disruptions, the option of ASEAN countries as a ‘China plus one’ destination are oftentimes an attractive alternative.

This article compares GDP, GDP growth and GDP per capita between ASEAN states and China regions and examine the best and worst-performing regions in each of these categories


Delhi’s Air Pollution and It’s impact on Business

Industries in Delhi and the regional neighborhood have been flouting environmental regulations for years – releasing huge amounts of greenhouse gases and sulfur into the atmosphere. And every year, air pollution affects business as usual in Delhi.

Employers in the city find it increasingly difficult to retain top-level executives and highly skilled workers, and also incur increased overhead costs as they attempt to check pollution levels within the work place.

While the government retains an interest in improving Delhi’s air quality, and more residents are taking measures to protect themselves, employers should consider taking additional measures to safeguard their workforce.


Russia-Mongolia 2019 Bilateral Trade up 13 Percent

Russian Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedev will meet the Mongolian prime minister Ukhnaagin Khurelskh during his visit to Moscow this week.

Russia and Mongolia have increased their bilateral trade volumes by 13.1 percent year-on-year in the January-September 2019 period.

Bilateral trade has doubled since 2016, and that the two countries had pledged to increase bilateral trade to US$2 billion. It currently stands at US$1.7 billion.


52 Out of 68 Belt and Road National Economies Improved in 2019

Euromoney have just released their Belt & Road Results Index for Q3 2019, and reported that out of 68 national economies that have signed up to the Belt & Road Initiative, 52 of them have seen rising GDP and/or improving investor climates.

According to Euromoney’s 2019 Q3 results, the top five performers are, in order, Ethiopia, Maldives, Nepal, Laos and Bangladesh. Other countries on the rise are Serbia, the United Arab Emirates, Madagascar and Tajikistan.


Vietnam’s Auction Plan for Solar Energy 

Vietnam’s electricity demand has been the second-largest in Southeast Asia since 2015 and is expected to retain this position in 2020. However, only 0.5 percent of excess capacity in the electric system is currently available to meet the enormous future demand.

To tackle the imminent power shortage, the government has introduced an auction system to promote the integration of solar power into the national electricity structure.

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