Developing Your Business from China to India and Vietnam

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May 11 – China Briefing has just produced a complimentary, 25-page PDF “Moving from China to India, Vietnam and Emerging Asia” in association with the consulting practice Dezan Shira & Associates.

As Chinese outbound investment looks set to be higher in dollar terms than inbound investment next year, and foreign companies in China are now looking at other markets in Asia, this report details cost analysis, labor and factory overheads comparisons between South China, Chennai and Ho Chi Minh City, as well as an overview of other emerging Asian markets such as Cambodia and Laos; complete descriptions of the legal differences, tax implications in these markets, as well as business and cultural differences.

As this new century moves into its second decade, it is apparent that the rise of China has spurred other regional economies forward. With that comes choice, and we hope that the contents within this report will enable the Asia based executive to begin to consider markets beyond that of China’s borders. The opportunities are there.

The contents in full are as follows:

So What’s The China Deal With India and Vietnam?

  • Infrastructure, demographic and GDP overview

China’s Labor Costs the Third Highest in Emerging Asia

  • Analysis and data of China labor compared with the rest of Asia

Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam – Indochina and China Today

  • A summary of the multilateral relationships between these four nations

From China to Vietnam for Labor Intensive, Export Driven Manufacturing

  • The economic case for relocation from China

Relocation Costs from China to India and Vietnam

  • An economic breakdown of complete factory operational costs, factored against China closure and labor redundancy expenses

Setting Up in India Compared with China

  • A legal comparison of legal structures and tax implications

Indianizing a China Business

  • An examination of business cultural differences between China and India.

The complete report may be downloaded from the Asia Briefing Bookstore here. There is no charge.

Dezan Shira & Associates is a boutique professional services firm providing foreign direct investment business advisory, tax, accounting, payroll and due diligence services for multinational clients in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and India. Established in 1992 with seventeen offices in four jurisdictions. To contact the firm, email or visit their web site at

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