Devonshire-Ellis Named as ‘China Leading Light’

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Feb. 14 – Chris Devonshire-Ellis, the founding partner of Dezan Shira & Associates, has been named as one of the ten “China Leading Lights” by Accountancy Age Magazine for 2011.

The magazine, owned by the UK business-to-business publisher Incisive Media, has provided the citation in recognition of the development of the practice in China and Chris’ role in educating and advising foreign investors about China legal and tax issues. Dezan Shira & Associates has operated in China for some 19 years.

The plaudits represent something of a rehabilitation for Chris following controversy three years ago concerning disputes over who said what during meetings held with the Chairman of China’s Banking Regulator which influenced major movements of the RMB/US$ position, resulting in Chris having to issue an apology for “breach of etiquette.” Still based however in Beijing, he has subsequently remained lower key in China while concentrating on developing the firm’s practice in India. That development has seen the practice establish five Indian offices in addition to the ten it possesses in China.

The magazine also names Chris Liu, managing partner at Deloitte; Albert Ng, managing partner at Ernst & Young; Carlson Tong, managing partner at KPMG; Yang Jiantao, managing partner at Crowe Horwarth; and Liu Yinting, director-general of the Regulatory Department at China’s Ministry of Finance, among other recipients of the accolade.

4 thoughts on “Devonshire-Ellis Named as ‘China Leading Light’

    Simon Majury says:

    Congratulations Chris nice to see some overdue recognition!!!

    Alex says:

    Congratulations Chris, it is good to see that you are being rehabilitated even after your currency debacle. We certainly need your irreverency here in China as things were getting quite boring here without you.

    Hearty congratulations Chris and all the fecund best for the year of the Rabbit. May it, the following 5 and well beyond be “…as green as” in China (and India), otherwise we are all going to regret it, never mind our descendants!
    Nigel Reading – Principal – Asynsis Architecture and Design

    Chris Devonshire-Ellis says:

    I appreciate your comments guys. It was however the blogs that blew up the MOF issue into a big deal, not the Chinese government. Don’t believe everything you read online. (Except here of course!) We’re continuing to open up offices with Suzhou for China, Hyderabad in India, Singapore and Ulaan Baatar in Mongolia all scheduled for this year. Onwards and upwards! Thanks – Chris

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