Dezan Shira in the United States: Events & Conferences on Asia in Spring 2013

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Chris Devonshire-Ellis and Chet Scheltema in the United States in March and April.

Mar. 14 – Dezan Shira & Associates, the specialist Asia-focused foreign direct investment practice, has a series of high-profile events and seminars in the United States over the coming weeks. These will be of interest to any senior-level business executive looking into investing or conducting business in the China, India and Asian regions. These events include the following:

March Events: Featuring Chet Scheltema

Doing Business in China for U.S. Companies
San Francisco, March 18th and 19th

Bloomberg BNA|CITE Presents 13th Annual China Conference: Legal, Tax and Accounting Update
Presented by Bloomberg BNA|CITE, this is a two-day technical update on the latest legal, tax and accounting issues facing companies with operations or business opportunities in China.

Other Locations:

  • New York City, March 13th-17th
  • San Francisco, March 18th-20th
  • Houston, March 21st
  • Dallas, March 22nd
  • San Diego March 25th-26th

Chet Scheltema, Manager of Global Business Development based in Dezan Shira & Associates’ Beijing offices, will be in the United States to speak on doing business in China and to meet for discussions concerning foreign direct investment concerns in China. Chet has practiced corporate law in the United States in California, New York City, and Washington D.C. He manages business transactions for clients in a variety of industries and participates in numerous international transactions with multinationals. Prior to joining Dezan Shira & Associates, Chet was Director of Property and Real Estate for China National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC) in Beijing, where he managed the CNOOC Tower and several other facilities and projects in Beijing.

Chet will also be available for one-on-one meetings with executives to discuss issues of Chinese and U.S. legal and tax matters, including bilateral trade structuring, corporate establishment and other legal matters. An introduction to some of the subject matter Chet will be discussing can be found in the current issue of China Briefing “Trading With China” which is now downloadable as a complimentary PDF on the Asia Briefing Bookstore.

To arrange to meet with Chet during the dates above or to attend any of these presentations, please email the firm’s U.S. Marketing Director, Jessica Tou, at

April Events: Featuring Chris Devonshire-Ellis

Hot Market Watch: India
Cincinnati, April 4th

This event is organized by the U.S. Commercial Service and is a premium annual event for American investors in emerging markets. This year’s key focus is India. Our presentation will be focus on finance, tax and compliance issues for foreign investors in India.

Asia Business Pacific Outlook 2013
Los Angeles, April 8th and 9th

Another key annual event covering the development of the Asia Pacific region, including the investment opportunities for the United States across APAC. Dezan Shira & Associates are sponsors of this year’s function.

CFO Study Group: Economics and Geopolitical Implications of Developments in China, India and Vietnam
San Diego, April 11th

An in depth look at the rise of ASEAN, the changing dynamics of China and the opportunities for American companies interested in the region.

Starting a Business and Trading with China, India, Vietnam and ASEAN
New York, April 14th & 15th

An overview of the emerging Asia consumer dynamics, new markets for American exporters, and the tax and trade structural implications and market comparisons.

chris_devonshire_ellisThese events will feature Chris Devonshire-Ellis, the Founder of Dezan Shira & Associates and a long-time Asia hand. Following a 20 year career in China, in addition to setting up the practices offices in India, Chris is now based in Singapore. As such, he is well placed to advise on matters of the shifting demographics of the Asian region and the changing opportunities that exist in China, India, Vietnam and ASEAN as a whole for American investors. Chris is also the Publisher of Asia Briefing, whose recent publication “Expanding Your China Business to India and Vietnam” is a good introduction to the expanded content of his presentations (available as a complimentary download on the Asia Briefing Bookstore).

To arrange to attend any of these events or to arrange one-on-one discussions with Chris during these dates, please contact Jessica Tou at the firm’s U.S. liaison office at

Dezan Shira & Associates has been advising American companies into Asia since 1992 and is one of the region’s most established and largest practices. The firm employs several hundred lawyers, accountants and auditors throughout 17 offices across Asia, and recently won the Leading Edge Alliance’s “Innovative Firm of the Year” award in September 2012. The firm also publishes the renowned Asia Briefing series of professional legal and tax titles.

The practice has a liaison office in the United States and has experienced China lawyers, tax experts and business advisors visiting the country from our offices throughout China, India and Asia during every month of 2013. To keep up to date with details of events involving Dezan Shira & Associates personnel in the United States and elsewhere please, visit the firm’s events section.

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