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Our weekly round up of other news affecting foreign investors throughout Asia.


EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement Signed

On October 19, 2018, the European Union and the Republic of Singapore signed a free trade pact – the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (EUSFTA) – to deepen the economic relations between the two regions.

Along with this deal, two other agreements have been signed between the two sides – the EU-Singapore Investment Protection Agreement (EUSIPA) and the EU-Singapore Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (ESPCA).


Future of Fintech in India – Opportunities and Challenges

India’s financial technology (fintech) sector may be young but is growing rapidly, fueled by a large market base, an innovation-driven startup landscape, and friendly government policies and regulations.

Several startups populate this emerging and dynamic sector, while both traditional banking institutions and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) are playing catch up.


Russia, Norway to Develop Arctic Electric Road between Murmansk and Kirkenes

Russia and Norway have agreed to build an “Arctic Electric Road” between their two countries, in a development that both provides greater connectivity and is eco-friendly.

The Arctic Electric Road Project is a joint undertaking between the Murmansk Regional Government and officials in Norway and is on track to build an electric car charging infrastructure along the border highways between the two nations.


China’s Soft Development Strategy for the Belt and Road Initiative

China’s Center for China and Globalization, a leading independent think tank based in Beijing, has released a series of suggestions for the development of the Belt and Road Initiative.

The CCG recommendations include the development of a new international cooperation platform that should be permanently established for the Belt and Road Initiative, along with ten other pointers to develop this under the Belt and Road Initiative.


How to Set Up an NGO in Vietnam

Vietnam’s socio-economic challenges require international assistance.

This creates demand for non-governmental organization (NGO) services, but NGOs looking to set up in Vietnam first need to understand how the industry is regulated.

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