Expatriate Individual income tax filings: Tax paid certificates must be issued end of month

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One week left to file IIT returns on income in China

Mar. 24 – Pictured at right is a tax paid form for individual income tax filings for 2007. These are sent to the place of work or residential address of expatriate individuals who have been working in China and who are subject to declaration of IIT on their salaries for 2007.

Expatriates must complete a self declaration form and submit it by the end of this month to their local tax bureau – even if they have paid all monthly IIT rates due. The China tax bureau has the right to levy fines if the self reporting documents we reported earlier in the month have not been filed.

If you have not filed an individual income tax self declaration report you must do so before the end of this week. If you have, you will either have, or will receive, a form such as that shown.

Employees or individuals in China who are unsure of their status or who require assistance with the procedures are advised to contact the Dezan Shira & Associates tax hotline at tax@dezshira.com urgently to remit filings. Please state your location in China when doing so together with contact details, and we will have one of our local tax personnel contact you directly.

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