Fire Destroys 5-Star Hotel Near CCTV Tower in Beijing

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BEIJING, Feb. 9 – The newly built, and still unoccupied, Mandarin Oriental Hotel on the grounds of Central China Television’s new headquarters has caught fire and appears to have been destroyed.

The cause of the blaze at the 40-story luxury hotel is unknown and at this time, there are no reports of injuries. Fire has engulfed the building, burning from the top floor to the ground floor. The large hotel is situated beside the newly built CCTV tower, a structure that has received a lot of press, both for for its unique design as well as the cost that was associated with its construction.

The fire coincides with the celebration of the Lantern Festival, where residents launch fireworks throughout the country. Though, at this time, there has been no direct connection between the fire and the pyrotechnics.

The Mandarin Oriental-Beijing has said that this complex was the flagship property in China for the Mandarin Oriental hotel chain.