Foreign Companies Seek Investors through Beijing Equity Exchange’s Public Program

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Dec. 10 – The China Beijing Equity Exchange (CBEX), one of China’s leading equity transaction institutions, attracted 13 financing programs from South Africa, Russia, Australia and Japan to publicly seek investors for equity exchange on an international investment promotion program CBEX held on November 30. Over 300 enterprises and institutions attended the event.

According to the reports from the CBEX web site and China Business News, CBEX and its overseas partnerships handpicked 13 financing programs, which cover areas that are considered to have great investment potential, such as new energy, consumption, energy saving, environmental protection and advanced technology. Statistics from China Business News say the total financing amount of the 13 projects goes above US$1 billion.

The largest financing project comes from the world’s biggest platinum supplier, the South African company Bushveld Complex, which looks to raise US$600 million through the program.

OGO Group, one of Russia’s largest agricultural holding companies, has interested many domestic and foreign investors with its 13 grain storehouses for transfer. The 13 grain storehouses bear a maximum capacity of 930,000 tons with an appraisal value of US$110 million.

In addition to on-the-spot promotion, CBEX also promoted the event through distinct online avenues to worldwide investors.

As an important platform to gather both national and global financing programs, CBEX has attached great importance to internationalized operations. It is the very first company in China’s equity exchange field to establish a special program for overseas investors only in 2006. Since 2008, CBEX successively established the China Japan Equity Exchange, China Milan Equity Exchange, Asia America Equity Exchange, China Africa Equity Exchange, Russia China Universal Trading Platform and other overseas alliance institutions. It has also built up partnership with many overseas professional institutions. Up to now, the CBEX already has over 500 overseas financing programs listed on its web site.