From West to East: HSBC’s Geoghegan on China

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Apr. 29 – Michael Geoghegan, the group chief executive of HSBC has relocated from London to Hong Kong to oversee the bank’s expansion into mainland China. As many readers will know, HSBC stands for the “Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation” and its first operations were established in both cities way back in 1865.

Yesterday he gave a speech to Amcham members in South China, and in it he talks about his decision to relocate to Hong Kong, the bank’s historical links with mainland China and plans for the future.

He predicts the rise of the East in the “E7” – the emerging markets of China, India, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia and Turkey – and suggests that these are the future markets that will matter and will eclipse the current G7.

His thought provoking speech is available for download by clicking on the image.