‘Green Expo’ in Beijing to Urge Further Clean Industry Development

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Nov. 23 – China has taken a series of actions recently to emphasize domestic green technology development, further confirming a promising future for the country’s cleantech industry.

Twelve Chinese government organizations will co-host the International Green Industry Expo in Beijing between November 24 and 27 with the theme of “Green economy, mutual benefit.” The exhibition is expected to attract 212 well-known Chinese and international enterprises from 25 countries with sophisticated technologies, products and applications on full display.

The scope of technologies and agendas featured in the exhibition will cover clean energy, energy-conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection, low-carbon technologies and recycling. During the four-day expo, politicians from key countries, famous experts, scholars and business executives will attend the China International Green Industry and Green Economy Forum with the theme of “Green economy leads the future development of the world.” The expo will also initiate distinct business promotions and B2B meetings.

China has been accelerating its pace to promote clean industries. The National Development and Reform Commission and other government departments recently completed “The Development Planning of Energy-saving and Environmental Protective Industries.” The report says China will provide extensive fiscal and financial support to the industries of clean technologies and facilities, products and services.

As concerns over energy shortages and heavy pollution arise, the benefits of a green economy have become an inevitable trend in conversations regarding China’s economic development and this new growth mode is also impacting the country’s policy-making. A joint announcement by the Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Customs in September added 44 products to the catalog of prohibited processing trade items. The government says the new addition is to support the clean industry development.

Among the 44 products is polycrystalline silicon, the major raw material for solar energy battery production. Specialists believe the prohibition of polycrystalline silicon exports will not only aid China by evolving its foreign trade structure into a more efficient one with smaller price scissors between the raw material export and component import, but it will also provide domestic solar energy industries with sufficient resources to speed up clean technology acquisitions and innovation.

The recent diesel shortage in China also evoked a new round of reflection on the promotion of green energy. Several foreign companies such as the U.S. chemical products-maker Celanese are showing great interest in China’s enormous oil market and hope to introduce new oil products with green technologies.

China’s green industries show great potential. During the past five years, the government invested RMB200 billion in these industries and initiated over RMB2 trillion in social investment. Clean production has also become one of the major themes in China’s newly released “Twelfth Five-year Plan.”

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