Guangdong Brings Back May Golden Week Holidays

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Mar. 26 – The Guangdong government announced that it would bring back the May Day golden week holiday by advancing the following Saturday and Sunday and adding two days from the resident’s annual paid holiday to the three-day vacation from May 1 to 3.

It is the first province to be allowed to change holiday dates since Beijing cut the May Day holiday from seven days to three to spread out the holidays and ease overcrowding.

“The scheme is applicable to governmental and State-funded sectors, schools and State-owned enterprises, as well as organizations based in Guangdong but have branches elsewhere. Private sector enterprises and self-employed people in the province are also being encouraged to follow the pattern,” Liu Xiaojie, deputy secretary-general of the provincial government told China Daily.

The holiday extension is part of Guangdong’s plan to increase domestic consumption. Guangdong residents can also take advantage of off season prices because other provinces would not have the same holidays.

He added: “The scheme, a part of the province’s national travel and recreation program initiated in February with the approval of the State tourism authority, is expected to spur the holiday economy at the time of economic recession.”