Guangdong to Lift Minimum Wage Standards Once Again

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Jan. 21 – Not long after the last minimum wage lift in May 2010, China’s Guangdong Province has once again decided to raise the minimum wage standards from March 1, 2011.

The Guangdong Provincial Government released the “Circular on Adjusting the Minimum Wage Standards of Enterprise Employees in Guangdong Province (yuefuhan [2011] No. 15)” on January 18. The circular announces the lifted minimum salary standards and urges every prefecture level and above government to adjust and announce its own city’s lowest standard within 15 days after January 18.

The new minimum wage standards for different areas are as follows:

The new adjustment brings about an average 18.6 percent increase in Guangdong’s minimum salary standards and will make Guangdong’s capital of Guangzhou the city with the highest minimum wage level in China.