Guangxi Clarifies Tax Management on Major Construction Projects

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Sept. 6 – The Guangxi provincial tax bureau released a notice on Aug. 27 clarifying tax management on major construction projects, effective from October 1, 2010.

Major construction projects include projects promoted at the regional and prefecture levels, real estate development projects, and ones which local tax authorities deem should be included.

According to the notice, enterprises that are engaged in major construction projects shall go through project registration and other procedures with the local tax authorities where the projects are conducted before commencement.

Taxpayers may choose to issue invoices by themselves or through an agent in line with the corresponding provisions. Furthermore, the aforesaid enterprises shall file tax returns accurately and submit tax returns, financial statements and other relevant materials required by the tax authorities based on the actual needs of the taxpayer.

Moreover, the procedures can be done either in the tax service department or via the internet, mail, data message and other means.

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