Human Resources and Payroll in China 2021-2022 – New Publication from China Briefing

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Human Resources and Payroll in China 2021-2022 (8th Edition), the latest publication from China Briefing and Dezan Shira & Associates, is out now and available for download through the Asia Briefing Publication Store.

Human Resources and Payroll in China 2021-2022

Why this guide matters

Special issue edition: Introducing China’s Civil Code and the Personal Information Protection Law

Human Resources and Payroll in China 2021-2022 is a Special Issue edition, as it provides an introduction and commentary on the newly released laws on privacy and data protection, namely China’s Civil Code and the Personal Information Protection Law. Its contents cover key definitions under the respective laws, typical cases of infringement and employer-employee disputes, as well as practical tips on preparing for compliance.

HR compliance, management, and planning

A firm understanding of China’s laws and regulations related to human resources and payroll management is essential for foreign investors who want to establish or are already running foreign-invested entities in China, as well as for local managers and HR professionals who may need to explain complex points of China’s labor policies.

In China, there are a wide range of government institutions involved in HR processes, and while key laws are drafted by the central government, numerous bylaws and regulations are instituted at the local level.

The topic is too complex to be covered in complete detail in one book, so the term ’guide’ is quite appropriate for the nature of this publication. Companies should still seek professional advice to deal with any specific situation they face relating to HR.

This guide was created in August 2021 with the latest information available at the time. It was written in consultation with Dezan Shira & Associates, a specialist foreign direct investment practice providing corporate establishment, business advisory, tax advisory and compliance, accounting, payroll, due diligence, and financial review services to multinationals investing in emerging Asia.

Human Resources & Payroll in China 2021-2022 (8th Edition) contents

  • Hiring Staff;
  • Staff Administration and Payroll;
  • Terminating Employees;
  • Employing Foreign Workers; and
  • Privacy and Data Protection

Within these chapters, we discuss a range of different topics that affect HR and payroll administration in China, including labor contracts, labor dispatch and outsourcing, mandatory leaves, social insurances and housing fund, payroll processing and tax calculation, termination and severance.

The context of the COVID-19 pandemic and China’s legal and regulatory response to its rapidly expanding digital economy provides added dimensions to thinking about compliance obligations and planning for foreign companies doing business in the country.

Human Resources & Payroll in China 2021-2022 thus serves as a timely guide for investors as it covers multiple areas of human resource management, including the impact of recent reforms, sensitive compliance standards, as well as technology solutions to streamline operations, achieve cost efficiency, and automate payroll processing.

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