June Issue of China Briefing Out Now

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June 2 – The June issue of China Briefing magazine is out now and available for download (click on the image – subscription required however this is complimentary).

In this issue we examine China’s central provinces. With costs rising in the manufacturing centers of the South China and the Yangtze River Delta, more and more multinationals are looking at China, not only as an export platform, but a growing market that will play key role in global sales and marketing strategies. We take a look at the processing trade restrictions that are causing many manufacturers to move, how Central China is increasing spending on infrastructure and promoting foreign investment, and investment strategies more and more multinationals are using in regards to China. We also highlight future trends in the six provinces of Central China and take a look at five regional second- and third-tier cities in our continuing series 3TC.

Included in this issue:

Central China’s Location Reconsidered
Government Incentives
Inland China Investment Strategies
The Future of China’s Central Provinces
The second- and third-tier cities of Shenyang, Hefei, Huizhou, Zhengzhou and Kunming