Kathleen’s 5 Candlelight Memorial Raises Money for AIDS Awareness

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SHANGHAI, May 19 – Kathleen’s 5 filled on Saturday night for the restaurant’s third annual charity gala for the International AIDS Candlelight Light Memorial. With the unfolding tragedy in Sichuan at the front of everyone’s mind, the evening was not only a time for people to remember and give to the worldwide victims of the AIDS epidemic, but also open their hearts and pocketbooks for the millions affected by last Monday’s devastating earthquake.

The restaurant, located on the fifth floor of the Shanghai Art Museum and overlooking People’s Park, put on a large gala, raising over RMB200,000 for AIDS related charities. Over 92 sponsors, including Dezan Shira & Associates, contributed time, money and auction items to make the event a success. The night included a dinner, charity auction hosted by CCTV’s James Chau, and live performances by many acts including Jazz du Funk.

“It was the best night so far,” said Franck Crouvezier, the general manager of Kathleen’s 5. “we raised at least RMB40,000 more than last year, so the night was a success.”

“Dezan Shira & Associates contributed to this event as AIDS is a serious issue in certain parts of China, and we wanted to show our support for dealing with charities that have to face the difficulties and problems with the stigma associated with the disease,” said Chris Devonshire-Ellis, the firm’s senior partner. “We focus on the welfare of China’s underprivileged children as a firm regarding our charitable donations; children in West China have been contracting HIV from blood donations, as well as the sale of tainted blood products, Kathleen’s 5 have taken a brave step to showcase the issue and our firm is proud to assist in helping support them with this event.”

The firm also made a significant contribution to Care for Children after raising awareness for the plight of the charity’s mission in Sichuan last week. Both Dezan Shira & Associates and China Briefing appreciate the assistance from those who gave,” says Devonshire-Ellis. The charity raised over US$100,000 which is now being dispersed in Sichuan to help rebuild orphanages at this very moment. Dezan Shira & Associates also have been providing pro bono tax advice on making charitable donations in China.

In looking ahead to next year, Crouvezier hopes that the fourth annual gala will be even bigger. “There always is a potential for doing more,” he says.