Logistics Investment Plan to Boost Chongqing’s Infrastructure

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Sept. 3 – The country’s top economic planner,The National Development and Reform Commission, recently gave the green light to Chongqing’s “Three Bases and Four Ports” logistic investment plan according to a report made by the Shanghai Securities News.

The bases will include a railway container terminal at Tuanjiecun, an airport logistic center at Jiangbei International Airport and a highway logistic base in Banan District. The four ports will consist of waterway terminals based at Cuntan, Guoyuan, Huangqian and the East.

All in all, the project will cost RMB10 billion with the facilities scheduled to be open by 2020. According to national plans, the city is designed to have a comprehensive logistic network for distribution via railways, waterways, highways and aviation in the upstream area of the Yangtze River.

Chongqing, one of China’s logistic centers, has long needed to develop its infrastructure. The region’s development has been hindered by its unionization policies that maintains monopolies of local state-owned companies.

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