Mongolia Watch: A Nation of Millionaires Emerges

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Mar. 8 – This week China Briefing offers a special feature on the development of Mongolia – a nation the size of Western Europe with some of the world’s largest mineral deposits located just 90 minutes north of Beijing by plane.

By 2015, its nationals will be wealthier than the Shanghainese. Reports from Chris Devonshire-Ellis this past week outline the potential opportunities in the nation.

Mongolia’s Wolf Economy Comes in from the Cold

Mongolia is about to become as wealthy as South Africa, Qatar, Norway or the UAE. What opportunities exist for foreign investors?

Putting the Wolf to Work. Reforming the Mongolian Economy

A look at the country’s upcoming financial and regulatory reforms and the implications for Mongolians and foreign investors.

Governance Key to Unlocking Mongolia’s Massive Wealth

Extracting Mongolia’s assets requires massive government reform if the country is not to become another Nigeria. What needs to be done and how is this being implemented?

What if the Wolf Snarls? Mongolia’s Macro-Economic Risks

A look at the issues facing the country as it strives to cope with its new-found wealth.

China Woos Mongolia as Australia of North Asia

China has agreed to provide a soft loan of US$300 million to Mongolia to develop a border free trade zone, along with other major trade and investment projects.

Ten Things We’ve Learned about Mongolian Democracy (and China)

Mongolia is a democracy sandwiched between China and Russia. How does this impact on the country’s quality of life and social systems?

Chris will be hosting a Mongolia Investment Forum at the Capital Club in Beijing on Wednesday, March 23, 2011. This will detail investment opportunities and the legal/tax regulatory environment in Mongolia. For further information and to RSVP please click here.