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Seven new titles and one free book from Asia Briefing this month

Oct. 20 – China Briefing has published over 200 English-language China legal and tax guides on the Asia Briefing Bookstore, ranging from 118 issues of China Briefing Magazine to 20 China legal book titles on everything from joint ventures to intellectual property rights, and from setting up wholly foreign-owned enterprises to China mergers and acquisitions. A further nine titles have been published in our China Regional Business Guide series, covering China in its entirety. Many of these are now in their fourth and fifth editions.

Published worldwide by Springer, the world’s largest distributor of academic titles, China Briefing has been published since 1999. It has long been recognized as the preeminent source for easy-to-read, practical intelligence about doing business in China.

These titles are regularly updated and added to in terms of content, and the entire China-related archive can be viewed on the Asia Briefing Bookstore here.

We also produce our China Briefing legal and tax magazines and books in the following languages:

A weekly regulatory, tax and business update on China and emerging Asia is also available. Subscription is free and can be obtained here. These updates are sent every Thursday.

Please see below for an introduction to the most recent new titles listed on the Asia Briefing Bookstore:

China law, tax and other regional publications

China’s Social Insurance Law
This edition of China Briefing summarizes some of the key points in China’s newly implemented Social Insurance Law, which covers a great deal more than just incorporating foreigners into the system. We go on to explain the costs and benefits of participation by foreign employees to both companies and individuals. Finally, we then proceed to take a look at some of the trends across the country relating to the implementation of the law. As with many regulatory matters in China, implementation is by no means uniform nationwide.

Reevaluating China Joint Ventures and M&As
In the wake of the financial crisis and the realignment of the Chinese economy from exports towards domestic consumption, Sino-foreign JV and M&A activities by foreign investors in China are gaining momentum. In this issue of China Briefing Magazine, we take a look at joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions in China – the current market circumstances, the motivations and challenges faced – and provide a few practical insights into key issues such as forming a joint venture contract and finding an M&A partner.

China Briefing Business Guide to Shanghai and the YRD (Fourth Edition)
With an engaging, highly visual format, this guide takes a practical, city-focused approach, walking you through the economy of important cities in the region with a level of specificity available through few other English sources. Its pages overview the region from a business standpoint, examine the economy of the region’s provinces and prominent cities in depth, and introduce the basics of establishing a business in the region.

China’s Neighbors (Second Edition)
A look at China’s relationship with its 14 neighbor countries: Afghanistan, Bhutan, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Myanmar, Mongolia, Nepal, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan and Vietnam. This book presents a basic economic overview of each respective country and commentary on the country’s relationship with China – economic, political and otherwise. An excellent resource for the China-watcher hoping for a broad 360 degree, cross-border understanding of the country.

China Expat – A Decade of Writing from 2001-2010 (Complimentary Download)
Complimentary 232-page book marking the 10th anniversary of the popular China Expat portal. Broken down into different sections – expat life, China travel, history, art, literature and culture – this book will entertain, provide moments of “I didn’t know that!”, and give an insight into life for expatriate personnel working in this most fascinating of Asian countries. Long term China expatriates Graham Thompson, Josh Gartner, Chris Devonshire-Ellis and current incumbent Ernie Diaz are all featured with articles written by them over the past decade.

Other recent Asia regional publications

Vietnam’s International Taxation Agreements
In this issue of Vietnam Briefing Magazine, we look at the broader context of global trade and the growing salience of free trade agreements between Vietnam and its trade partners. We examine the effects of current FTAs on Vietnam’s exports, the advantages and disadvantages thus far, as well as the response of Vietnamese enterprises to the policies of the FTAs in effect. Also, an in-depth look at key bilateral and regional trade agreements reveals some telling trends and we decipher the complex policies and procedures in Vietnam’s double taxation avoidance agreements.

India’s Goods and Service Tax and Retail Sector
This issue of India Briefing Magazine focuses on two dramatic, ongoing initiatives by the Indian government to fuel economic activity in the country: the introduction of a dual goods and services tax and further opening up of the retail sector. India’s existing indirect tax structure is being restructured with a synchronized tax system and uniform levy, continuing national tax structure reform to encourage entrepreneurial initiatives and economic activity in India.

Doing Business in India (Second Edition)
This book provides a basic overview of all topics related to doing business in India – history, business etiquette and culture, and how to invest into the country, in addition to a detailed, state-by-state demographic and geographic overview and a comparison with China. The book looks at foreign investment policies, procedures and government incentives while also highlighting the country’s key sectors and emerging FDI trends. We also introduce several compelling reasons to look towards India for future investment.

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