New Issue of China Briefing Examines Compliance and Trade Issues in China

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Jul. 1 – In this month’s China Briefing, we take a look at important compliance issues for U.S. business operating in China; specifically the United States’ Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and what American companies operating China need to know about the act. The business environment in China can be fraught with ethical issues and U.S. companies need to understand their liabilities when operating on the mainland and how they can avoid running afoul of the FCPA.

We also examine Europe’s growing trade relationship with China. Currently, the European Union is China’s largest trading partner, and this month we also delve into the growing relationship between the two sides. Despite growing protectionism on the mainland, optimism among EU businesses in China remains, we examine what the future holds for these two important trading partners.

Finally, we continue our China’s borders series, taking a look this time at Vietnam, China’s southern neighbor.

In this issue:
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Avoiding FCPA Violations in China
Europe and China: Trading for the Future
Protectionism and Market Access

China’s Neighbors: Vietnam