New Issue of China Briefing Examines Repatriating Profits Out of China

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Jun. 1 – The June issue of China Briefing magazine is online and available for download (complimentary subscription available).

At the end of the day, it’s all about making money, and that is where sound strategic planning for maximization and repatriation of profits becomes so important in China. China’s business and withholding tax regulations can be complex, and understanding them when establishing an entity in China will not only allow a business to get their money out of China, but get more of it out and with smaller problems. In this issue of China Briefing, we take a look at repatriation of profits from China, paying special attention to above-the-line distributions, re-lending dividends, withholding tax, and business tax.

In addition, we begin a new series this month that will look at the edges of China. With 14 neighboring countries and about 5,000 kilometers of border, some of it still disputed, the Chinese government has a huge vested interest in what is happening on the frontiers of the nation. Over the next several months, we will investigate some of these border areas and highlight the diversity and developments that are taking place there. This month, we examine China’s southern borders with Laos and Myanmar.

In this issue:
Profits Repatriation
Re-Lending Dividends
Administration of Withholding Tax
New Changes to China’s Business Tax