New Issue of China Briefing: Foreign Investment in China’s Green Sector

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Jun. 1 – The new issue of China Briefing magazine, titled Foreign Investment in China’s Green Sector, is out now. With the new Foreign Investment Catalog pushing several additional “green” industries into the “encouraged” category and the 12th Five Year Plan declared the “greenest in history,” China is abuzz with talk about the “green” sector. Everyone seems to be describing these vital documents as “green”…but why? We offer you some specifics.

In particular, we give a quick overview of the renewable energy sector in China and discuss environment-related tax incentives, once again focusing on the specifics, before concluding with a look at foreign involvement in China’s green building industry. This issue is devoted to helping the average foreign investor – not a renewable energy expert at BP or a China guru at GE or Siemens – gain a basic grasp on developments in this sector and how they relate to foreign investors.

In This Issue:

  • Draft Revisions to the Foreign Investment Catalog and the
  • 12th Five Year Plan
  • Selected Tax Incentives (CIT, VAT, Business Tax)
  • China’s Renewable Energy Market
  • Foreign Involvement in China’s Green Building Industry

This issue of China Briefing – Foreign Investment in China’s Green Sector – is available from the Asia Briefing Bookstore, priced at US$10.

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