Practical Accounting – It’s Really All In The Numbers

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February 7th – It’s always good to meet other industry professionals, and we all love a bit of media attention. So it was when our Senior Partner, Chris Devonshire-Ellis, bumped into Howard Wolosky, Editor-in-Chief at America’s industry standard “Practical Accountant” ( magazine at a global tax conference in Las Vegas last week. The publication deals with the tools & resources needed for ‘the electronic accountant’ and is both a serious industry read American accountants as well as breaking the ground for new software and reporting standards in the IT aspect of the profession.

Anyway, by all accounts (excuse the pun) the two got on famously – Howards account of the meeting is here, which is nice of him.

Howard didn’t quite get the domains correct that the firm runs, and that he waxed so lyrical about, so to justify the article and support his statements, here are the relevant links that he quotes:

Dezan Shira & Associates:
China Briefing:
India Briefing:
While the praise he had in his quote “It’s really all in the numbers” was for the China-India site,

Subscription to the sites, magazines and updates Howard mentions and are featured above are complimentary, so if you are a reader of Practical Accountant – and are interested in matters of global tax law as affects US corporations in China, India and Vietnam, then please feel free as Howard suggests to tune in, click about, and log on. And to contact Chris, if you have questions about the legal and tax regulatory environment in those countries and how they impact on US corporations doing business there, you can email him at