Reincarnation of Tibetan Buddhas must obtain government approval

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The Fourth Dalai LamaTrawling through some of the blogs this week I happened upon this news snippet courtsey of Stan Abrams at China Hearsey, in which China’s State Administration of Religious Affairs has cited the need for central government approval for living buddhas to be recognized. The actual People’s Daily piece is here.

All of which brings us neatly onto the subject of Buddhism, and a quick plug for those that are interested in the subject for the new issue of Mongolia Expat, which details the life of the Fourth Dalai Lama – the only one born in Mongolia, and which also explains the circumstances around the creation and recognition of the position of Dalai Lama by Altai Khan, a great grandson of Genghis Khan, back in 1578. The magazine also details the history of Buddhism in Mongolia and features the making of Sand Madalas and an account of the life of the great China / Mongolia / Central Asia explorer Sven Hedin.

It’s a great read and nice to have something cultural for the weekend.