Security Checks on Foreign Staff in Beijing Increasing

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BEIJING, May 15 – Checks by the Public Security Bureau on the status of foreign employees in offices in Beijing have been taking place in the lead up to the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square incident on June 4.

The checks include requests to provide passport, visa and resident certificates. Such employees are recommended to keep a copy of their passport ID page, visa page, and documentation relating to PSB registration. These should all be in compliance with work visa and permit status and not simply tourist visas. Such checks are likely to be ongoing and to intensify in the coming four week period, and may extend to other cities.

We recommend all foreign staff engaged in offices in Beijing have all compliant documentation ready.


Residence visa
Alien employment permit
Public Security Bureau registration certificate

Foreign staff found to be in offices without the required work, visa or registration documentation could face further interrogation, fines and deportation. Staff found working in offices in possession of tourist visas could result in the entire office facing closure. In the run up to this sensitive political date, employers are recommended to ensure personnel are in compliance.

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