Shenzhen Issues 2012 Salary Guide

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Jul. 13 – The Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Labor and Social Insurance recently issued the “Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources Market Salary Guide (2012) (hereinafter referred to as ‘Salary Guide’).” The data in the Salary Guide is based on random surveys of employees across different industries in the city.

Shenzhen’s overall high, median and low monthly wages are RMB25,830, RMB3,087 and RMB1,600, respectively, with an average of RMB3,892. According to the Salary Guide, the high and median wage figures have increased a respective 1.7 percent and 3.9 percent compared to last year, while the average and low wage figures increased by a respective 17 percent and 12.4 percent. The relatively large increase in the latter two can be attributed to the increase in minimum wages over the past few years.

The Salary Guide is regarded as an important tool for the macro-control of enterprise wages and serves as a reference for enterprises when deciding the appropriate wages for employees. It also serves as a basis for conducting collective wage negotiations.

The Salary Guide consists of 26 charts that fall under five sections. The first section consists of eight charts that categorize salaries by district, economy type, enterprise scale, academic qualification, technical skill level, professional qualification, industry and job. The remaining four sections provide more detailed categorization of salaries. A selection of the charts found in the first section can be found below.

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