Springer Licenses China Briefing Worldwide

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Sept. 9 – Springer, the world’s largest publisher of academic titles, has licensed all of China Briefing’s business guides and has begun selling them globally in over 60 countries. The first, eight-volume series of China Briefing’s technical guides – concentrating on China legal and tax issues – have each been extensively updated and relaunched under the Springer imprint. Text for each of the titles was written by the professional services firm Dezan Shira & Associates. The volumes are being sold both in print through bookstores, and online as PDFs. They are priced between €34.95 and €39.95 each.

China Briefing was established by Chris Devonshire-Ellis and began publishing in 1999. The brand produces this daily online news site, a monthly magazine, in addition to a series of China business and regional guides. The title is part of the Asia Briefing Media stable, which also includes magazines and books about India, Vietnam, Russia, Mongolia and Emerging Asia.

The China Briefing China Tax Guide has just been accepted as MBA course material by Peking University, while the India Briefing Guide to Doing Business in India is distributed across India by the Times of India Group – the nation’s largest publisher. China Briefing also works with the U.S. Department of Commerce to co-produce the successful China Business Handbook.

“We are very pleased with our relationship with Springer, and look forward to working with them on our next series of regional guides,” says Devonshire-Ellis. “China Briefing’s technical guides have become well known for their concise, good value, and easy-to-read approach to China law and tax, and our bond with Springer will help them reach a far wider audience.”

The full series of Springer-China Briefing legal and tax guides, all fully updated, can be accessed as follows:

The China Tax Guide (Fifth Edition)
This popular book, fully updated with all recent tax changes and amendments, details all taxes in China affecting businesses and individuals, how to calculate the amounts due, tax registration and filing procedures, tax minimization techniques, and claiming VAT rebates. It also details good financial management techniques, handling negotiations with the tax bureau and annual audit and compliance procedures.

Setting Up Representative Offices in China (Fourth Edition)
This is an essential, practical guide for any foreign enterprise or business-minded individual to understand the rules, regulations and management issues regarding establishing representative offices in China. This updated edition also includes detailed descriptions of the 2010 regulatory updates which have impacted on ROs.

Setting Up Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises in China (Third Edition)
This guide provides a practical overview for any business-minded individual to understand the rules, regulations and management issues regarding establishing and running a wholly foreign-owned enterprise in China, and includes a section on foreign-invested commercial enterprises.

Setting Up Joint Ventures in China (Third Edition)
Starting with choosing a joint venture structure, assessing a potential partner, and conducting legal and financial due diligence, this guide walks you through, step-by-step, the key points of setting up a joint venture in China.

Intellectual Property Rights in China (Second Edition)
From covering protocol for dealing with trade fairs, to the application processes for trademarks, patents, copyright and licensing, as well as dealing with infringements and enforcement, this book is a practical reference for those concerned with their IPR in China.

Mergers & Acquisitions in China (Second Edition)
This guide is a practical overview for the international business to understand the rules, regulations and management issues regarding mergers and acquisitions in China. It will help you to understand the implications of what can initially appear be a complicated and contradictory subject as well as points you at the structures you should use and some of the common pitfalls you may encounter.

Human Resources in China (Third Edition)
Specifically designed to cover the most important issues relating to managing a Chinese workforce, this guide details the HR issues that both local managers in China and investors looking to establish a presence on the mainland should be aware about.

Transfer Pricing in China (Second Edition)
This book deals with all aspects of transfer pricing in a practical perspective, from designing and implementing a transfer pricing system, to managing China compliance and preparing for an audit.