Standard Chartered Issues Unique HK$150 Banknote

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HONG KONG, Sept. 10 – The Standard Chartered Bank of Hong Kong will be issuing a unique HK$150 note to celebrate the 150th year of the bank’s operations in the city.

The bank is the only one of three bank note issuing banks in the territory  thus making the commemorative notes legal tender there and also a coveted collector’s item.

A coin dealer told The Standard that anyone who gets his hands on a set of 35 uncut HK$150 notes will be able to rake in HK$100,000 for them, and that the coins value will continue to soar. “By design, we want the banknote to be unique and the only one of its kind. We want it to represent the spirit of the city,” the bank’s Hong Kong chief executive Benjamin Hung Pi-cheng was quoted as saying by The Standard.

Standard Chartered will release three different packages for the bank notes. One is the single HK$150 notes at HK$280, “four- in-one uncut” notes at HK$1,888 per set, and “35-in-one uncut” notes at HK$18,888 per set.

A special selection of 100 notes with lucky serial numbers will be open for public bidding with another 10,000 pieces where buyers can pick a serial number of their choice.

The “single self-selected serial number” notes will be priced at HK$888 each and only by lottery. The single commemorative notes will be available for sale on October 1-16. A more detailed schedule of the sale is available here or you can contact the bank’s hotline at (+852) 3128-8150.