The Asia Comparator: New Issue of China Briefing Examines the Emerging Markets in Asia

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China Briefing, November 2009: The Asia ComparatorNov. 2 – The November issue of China Briefing magazine is out now and available for download (click on the image – complimentary subscription required).

In this issue of China Briefing we expand our horizons and take a look at emerging Asia. Using statistics researched by the global financial services firm UBS, we extrapolated and added additional figures to help analyze the major cities in Asia, including Bangkok, Beijing, Delhi, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Mumbai, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore and Taipei. For China, the numbers clearly demonstrated that the country is becoming more expensive for business, while lower cost centers in India and Southeast Asia are beginning to become more attractive. However, while the costs of operating in China are rising, so is the standard of living, and with it, the tremendous opportunities this increase in salaries will bring to both investors and the emerging consumer class.

We also continue our China’s borders series, taking a look this time at China’s largest neighbor, Russia.

In this issue
Salary levels
Wage comparison
Domestic expenditures
Apartment rentals
Entertainment and travel
China’s borders: Russia