The China-Asia Round Up

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Apr. 29 – Welcome to China Briefing’s regular review of business news from countries across Asia that also impact upon China trade, investment and Asian subsidiaries.

ASEAN Briefing Launched
We launched our new ASEAN Briefing website recently, containing an archived library of complimentary downloads, including hundreds of Bilateral Investment Treaties and Double Tax Agreements that ASEAN and its member states have with other countries. Not surprisingly, China’s agreements feature prominently. If you need to know the exact terms of China’s double tax and free trade agreements with ASEAN, this site has all the data at your fingertips.

An Introduction To Audit In India
China-India trade hit US$66 billion in 2012 and is expected to rise to US$100 billion by 2015. With many companies now setting up in India, and with the Indian audit season just beginning, in this new issue of the India Briefing magazine we look at the differences between Indian and international audit standards, the procedures involved and filing timescales.

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China’s Drop In Foreign Direct Investment And the Shift In the Global Supply Chain
Foreign direct investment (FDI) into China dropped 4 percent last year. We examine what lies behind this trend, what it means for the global supply chain and how it signals changes in the types of foreign investment now coming into China.

Foreign Direct Investment On The Rise in Vietnam
While China slowed down, Vietnamese FDI increased. This article examines why, where it is coming from and which industry sectors dominate.

India To Return to 8% Growth
Following a difficult 2012, things are now looking up for India. With the Finance Minister expecting growth of 8 percent, and some analysts even more, we look at the fundamentals behind the hype of a finally resurgent Indian economy.

Hong Kong or Singapore For Holding Foreign Investments Into Asia?
There is not much to choose between these two competing offshore centers when it comes to ease of doing business, transparency, rule of law and tax. We look at both in detail and provide pointers as to which may be more suitable than the other depending upon different case scenarios.

Using Capital Verification Certificates To Determine The Creditworthiness of your Chinese Buyer
As increasing numbers of foreign investors enter the China market to sell products, how can you determine the actual creditworthiness of your customer? We provide a neat and inexpensive solution.

Hiring Foreign Staff in Vietnam – Visas, Work Permits & Obtaining Temporary Residents Cards
Expatriate staff are heading to Vietnam in greater numbers as the country ramps up its manufacturing output and raises quality and productivity standards to compete with China. In this article we examine the paperwork required to get permission to work in the country.

New Indian Export Incentives & Tax Breaks for Exporters
The Indian Government has reduced taxes, provided greater incentives and increased the tax benefits for exporters in India’s Special Economic and Development Zones. We provide data on what these are.

Minimum Wage Levels Across ASEAN
A complete review of wages across South-East Asia, including Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Essential reading for the Asia focused business executive.

These articles and publications have been written and produced in association with staff at Dezan Shira & Associates, Asia’s largest independent foreign direct investment practice. Complimentary weekly updates on all related business, regulatory, legal, tax and operational news such as contained above can be obtained by subscribing to Asia Briefing’s complimentary update service.

Dezan Shira & Associates maintain seventeen offices across Asia, including China, India, Vietnam, Hong Kong & Singapore. To contact the firm concerning foreign investment laws and taxes in these countries or elsewhere in Asia, please email or visit

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