The world’s 3rd Highest Building Opens in Shanghai

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Aug. 30 – It’s a rivalry that Charles Dickens would be proud of, just a week after Beijing hosted the Olympics with all its glamorous new buildings, the world turns its eyes back to Shanghai as it officially opens the Shanghai World Financial Center in Pudong today.

The 3rd tallest building in the world, the skyscraper extends to a staggering 101 stories, some 492 meters above ground. A tale of two cities indeed.

Built by Mori Building of Japan, completion of the WFC Shanghai has been complex. Long delayed following financial difficulties during the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997, then again after architectural drawings had to be revised after a local Shanghainese man claimed that on a certain day, the sun shining through the top of the buildings arc “looked like the flag of Japan gazing down on Shanghai,” the building comprises the worlds highest observation deck at 100 stories. It is the world’s third tallest skyscraper only after the Burj Dubai and the Taipei 101.

The Shanghai WFC houses the Park Hyatt Hotel, which opens its doors on Monday, September 1, occupying the 79th to 93rd floors; as well as offices, shops and three basement floors.

Visitors to the Shanghai WFC will be charged RMB150 to access the observation decks, which feature vertigo inducing transparent glass floors and floor-ceiling transparent windows. As for places to go, we recommend the Park Hyatt’s Whisky Bar, on the 92nd floor, with an extensive whisky cellar (featuring both Scotch malts and fine Japanese whiskies), live music and private whisky tasting rooms.