U.S. Company to Provide Board Governance Support for Chinese Corporations

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Dec. 6 – Intrabond Capital, a major U.S. company that provides international services and research on board governance practices, recently signed an exclusive contract with the Shanghai International Training Center for Economy and Information, an Asia-Pacific region-oriented global training institute approved by the China Ministry of Foreign Affairs, according to a report on the U.S. company’s official web site.

The signing of the new contract will initiate the training of board directors, corporate directors, and government officers to improve the awareness of global best practices and accountability in governance. Intrabond will be responsible for providing training and education support, establishing a national directory of board directors and conducting evaluations of corporate boards, including public, state-owned and pre-IPO entities.

The national directory will include a solid database of existing directors’ profiles, provide guidance on continuing education needs and a tool for sourcing directors for future assignments. Intrabond will also invite national directory participants to become members of the company’s international registry of board directors, so that it can become an information center for companies and executive headhunters who seek qualified directors for boards of global companies.

Wang Genxiang, director of Shanghai International Training Center for Economy and Information believes this cooperation will significantly enhance China’s corporate and governmental management: “This marks a major commitment to increase our corporate accountability and performance.”